Try again

What delays our choices is fear. Fear of getting it wrong, we hardly wish it to be good. That’s when the what ifs start pouring into, our decisions to make better Choices, we wonder about what is really right and how do we get it right. I realized over the years that without realizing this we give power to fear and and allow it paralyzing our life decisions. I think it’s time we go ahead and do it anyway, there is always something at the end to gain. You taking that step is you beating fear already.
If only you know that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen the way you want it the first time, if only you know that instead of quitting it can be done again and this time better.
Sometimes I don’t check the weather and I get wet because I forgot to check and went out without my umbrella, it sounds like a bad decision but I also check the weather that says it would rain and I end up loosing my umbrella because it didn’t rain.
I stumble into bumps form time to time, I make really silly decisions and sometimes it happens to be some of my best life choices.
Sometimes when we think we got it all figured out that is when we make the most mistakes. We say this can never happen to me and just when we sit to relax boom here it comes.
I believe in multiple choices, some things in life are better experienced than told. I want you to FOCUS on the lessons and values, move without fear, anxiety, fear and doubt doesn’t make you less stronger, it just something you experience while trying .You only become weak when you get stuck in the situation room. You have the power to open the door and get out.
Always remember the choices you make will hardly make any sense to people around you, so be very careful the words and advice you let in.
Just because I do it right doesn’t mean it didn’t come of many wrongs.
Always remember “LIFE IS POSSIBLE ”