Your mind

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You have it

One great lesson I have learned in life over the years, is that life does not always give us what we want, we have to go and work for what we want.
Life will hand you with different situations soft and difficult, this is to guide you through your everyday life. You were designed for a purpose but unless you go out and get it you might miss it. What is going to help you out is the connection you build with yourself, you creating your personal resources to help you through life. The direction of your focus should be from within, what is going to elevate you is always something that you already have, have the focus to identify what you have already; look around you and you will be surprised you have it all.
You recognising the values of what is around you is a powerful significant to attach great values to the little things you call ordinary.
Yes, you will go out and get more but stop looking at yourself empty, do not look at what you what is around you and call it nothing.
Most times while you are stretching out your neck looking at what others have and how well you think they are living; start looking at what is inside of you, value what you have and call it important;
What are you good at? There is something you over look yet it might just be as important, what are you known for, do not be to quick to talk! just go in and recognise your provisions .