Self Validation

Hello everybody it’s Wednesday again, time to focus on achieving your goals by discovering yourself.

# Validation of self; ,Why do many of us ignore ourselves? Why can’t we just be the stars we are without self condemnations, why are we so scared to look at the mirror and say nice things to the person we see? You know we always want others to validate us, the most important relationship you have is your relationship with yourself when are we really going to start paying more attention to ourselves and have that self interview.
Self validation is the best thing that can happen to you right now, it’s time to ask yourself what have I done, what are the things am allowing into my life, how many times do i use my silly excuses as an excape root to run away from my responsibilities. We don’t understand that our relationship with ourselves is ultimately reflected in our relationships with others, i keep saying you can’t give what you don’t have.

Now it’s time to ask yourself the big question, am i happy with what i do? Does this increase my self joy, am i fulfilled, the time to face the truth and reality is now, it’s good when other people validate us, everyone likes to hear `”Oh you are beautiful, you are doing well” but it’s time you start your day by telling yourself those words, be friends with yourself, .Today you need to be part of your own support system, stop criticizing yourself, you have been doing that for years. Tell yourself what you want to hear from others, when you get to hear it from them you are already motivated in your spirit it’s not strange to your system, now what pops inside you is just a reminder.

People just stay at one level all their lives, what actually keeps them there is low validation of their own thinking, Remember always only you can answer the questions about you judging your feelings, ask yourself what your mind needs, what your body needs, how far are you willing to go. Address yourself needs. Regardless of whatever you have done or where you are coming from, known that there is always that one time in everyone’s life where shame is felt, failures are experienced; ,.

One thing that has helped me validate myself tremendously was understanding my weakness as my growth. I have used criticism to do better jobs, I understand the power of my inner voice, I was able to accept myself for who I am and it gave me a chance to embrace my challenges as a blessing in disguise. Only a process of self-discovery can help you uncover your potentials and uniqueness.
#LifeIsPossible 🤗🤗🤗Eghonghon

Your Appearance

It’s Wednesday again, time to get focused and make an achievement. I’m going to be talking on Finding yourself through setting your standard High.

#1 APPEARANCE, Setting your standard high through Appearance is the first form of are what you think, it’s basic and very important for us to come out looking the way we want to be addressed. Some of us take this for granted, understanding the power of appearance is a major tool while finding yourself and getting back to yourself you can easily be spotted out from the crowd with a good look, ;When you look neat and well packaged it helps your confidence, you are able to think important and speak with people having the desire to actually listen to you.
For others to see you as important you need to first see yourself as important so don’t let your guard down. Know this for a fact, people will always judge you by your appearance. When you dress down you think down of yourself wish definitely reduces your personality.
It surely cost nothing to be neat, with so little your best can be brought out. Make every outing occasion an important one, you need to look Sharp to think sharp, your appearance speaks volumes, people will give a smile to a well dressed person, start a beautiful conversation. Better clothing always speaks intelligence, and increases your chance of positive thinking as you try to get yourself.
Set your standards by looking good, to achieve your goals is very important to take it all out. Look good to feel good.
#LifeIsPossible 🤗🤗🤗Eghonghon.


Hello people, you know I love talking about you and you alone  because I know how important it’s to be happy inside out.
We really need to understand how the energy in us works. We have to know that the power to be happy and live a positive healthy life is in us. How well do you use the energy vibe inside of you, a lot of us are fugitives to ourselves we don’t live our lives the way we are supposed to. What’s really the fear holding down your happiness and preventing you from being happy? Most of us are afraid of ourselves. We don’t want to bring out all we are made for, you where born for a reason, you where born to succeed and do great things; the only thing separating you is you. Come out today with the right energy and start living your life the way it was met to be.

What do you allow into your life, how well do you guard your heart and soul. We welcome so many garbage into our hearts, we listen to the wrong messages and place too much demand on ourselves. What you welcome is very important in your life and your heart, we are busy with worries that won’t help our soul to succeed and be happy. Instead of the worries of what people are dishing out to you, it’s time to care more about listening to the right messages. We are so busy waiting, waiting for everyone and everything to be right, you need to stop waiting and make this moment right now and right here important. Wake up with the right attitude and understand that the time you have now is the best time. Don’t waste it with worries of what the world and the Internet is talking about you.

Come back to yourself and understand that you are the only stopping you from doing great . Start validating yourself, start operating in a new level of self acceptance, is good to hear it from others how great we are doing, how well we have gone. But the best person to give you that love and validation is really you and no one else. Take time and make your soul and mind happy.

Avoid Toxic People

Dealing with Toxic people is a very difficult task. Today on focus Wednesday I’m going to be coaching on toxic people, on your journey to success you don’t need toxic people in your life. They will drain you into depression if you are not careful.
You might not have met any now, but at some point in our lives we come across Toxic people. They are really not far from us you know, they could be familiar people even;,you need to let go of any if you have them in you life.

#1 THEY DON’T TAKE RESPONSIBILITIES FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Toxic people run away from their responsibility, sometimes they even point it directly to you. They make up excuses for everything, it’s always the fault of another. Unfortunately they never focus on any solution, the best way to limit them is by asking them constantly how they intend to fix their problems.

#2 THEY ARE NOT SUPPORTIVE. I say this offen, stay away from those who don’t support your GOALS. Most times they really don’t have their own dreams so they kill the dreams of others. Some one once told me to stop writing and speaking because people don’t care. I never gave it a second thought, not all advice are good for your success story . You need to set limits to what you allow into your system.

#3 THEY CELEBRATE THEIR PROBLEMS AND SEEK ATTENTION. Anyone who wallows in their problems for a long period of time are attention seekers and you need to stay away from them. Toxic people just want to celebrate their problems all the time, trying to create a fresh one after another, know this:successful people know when to get up after a fall. Why hang in there with those using their emotions to blackmail others.

#4 THEY ARE VERY MANIPULATIVE. Do you know that Toxic people always makes you feel like you owe them something. You really need to learn to put on the smart pants, they will use your efforts to accomplish their goals, it’s always about them. Don’t be fooled, always keep your eyes open and focus on the track.

#5 THEY WILL ALWAYS REMIND YOU OF YOUR MISTAKES. Don’t worry about it, Toxic people will never stop talking about your challenges and your Mistakes; it’s okay allow them. You needto to be at the winners corner. You need to learn to distance yourself at all times away from them, you don’t need to prove yourself to them. Don’t let anyone limit your joy by putting up your past mistakes in your face, don’t be distracted by that. Know that you are the master to your happiness, always put forward your solutions. Don’t encourage small talks. Let them know you are on your journey to success.

🤗🤗🤗 life is possible people. Eghoghon

Tribute To My Special Grandma

Life has no chils, I am a writter and a speaker yet it was so difficult for me to write this tribute to a very special lady my grandma MAMA as I called her. This is  was very difficult for me, different from what I have been doing. No matter how old a person is you never want them to leave this world,but times like this we can never question God. Dust we where made and dust we must return.

Mama was more than a woman, couragous , strong, confident Neat  and she was an educationist. For some years she fought through dementia and illness due to ageing, I saw a strong woman suffer in those last days and this was extremely difficult for me;but it taught me so much. I’m so blessed to share special moments with her in the last days.

Mama was part of my life for the number of years she lived she played a big part in my childhood. She taught me to believe in myself when I was going through the darkest part of my life, she stood by me without condemnations.she was my first baking teacher and my inspiration in my writing because she wrote so much about life.Honestly I can’t put everything down in writing.

I still can’t believe my grandma AGNES IREKPITAN OTITI EBOHDAHE has left this world, we will miss you mama, but your spirit, boldness and strength lives on in each and everyone you left a memorable impact  .Am privileged to have known you.

Rest in peace my tresured grandma, we will always love you.

🤗🤗🤗Eghoghon Mary.

Overcoming self pity

Everyone has a story in life that puts them in some situations of constant comparison and reminder of where they are coming from .most of the time people hang on too tight to life situations, they find it difficult to acknowledge their achievements. Some people like to hear it from others how well they are doing in life. But you also need to understand that not everyone will approve your success story. Self pity drags you back in your Dailly life struggles, if you are coming out from a  bad relationship and you keep reminding yourself of only the bad memories, you find it difficult to move on to the other level of your life.

You need to be ready to take responsibilities for your actions, stop feeling less of yourself, always remember some people are going through worse situation, stop cheating yourself from the good memories you’ve had in life. You stay longer in your hurts with self pity, learn from your hurts and have the courage to start again. Try finding out why you are holding on for too long. Sometimes when you loose in life you have to learn about the cause of your failures. Taking actions helps you get over worries and fears.;,as kids we enjoy the fact that people tell us sorry all the time maybe we get into a fight and we loose, you fall down from the stairs, or you are sick in the hospital, we get gifts from family members and friends. The truth is even as adults we also enjoy being pitied by others, so we keep talking about our problems and getting cheap popularity from our challenges. Some people talk so much about their problems to seek attentions, this is not good enough because it becomes dangerous, we forget to take responsibilities we start depending too much on others.

Self pity develops into low self-esteem, without you even knowing this you begin to have complex among others, for you to succeed you need to overcome self pity and learn to approve yourself worth. There is something great about overcoming self pity it gives you the ability to stand out on your own. You don’t need to pray for a problem for others to accept you. Sometimes you feel without a situation in your life people don’t get closer to you. Self pity reduces your personality .

Learn to appreciate your own efforts, celebrate any achievements, be grateful for your life, pratice positivity in  your life, stop being too negative about everything.   Look ahead and make a decision to appreciate your efforts. Stop being too self centred and selfish, learn to think about others and their feeling too, when you constantly feel pity for yourself, you are always in a bad mood just to seek attentions thereby distroying your relationships.

Stop feeling stock, always remember that you have a choice, when you feel self pity, you become very unattractive to others. People will find it difficult to come close to you, you will remain in thesame place for a longer period of time. It is time to stop feeling depressed and allow it to end, let go of that log you’re carrying about .Try and over come fear through are bigger than you think empower yourself with positive thoughts.stop couting your setbacks, acknowledge your greatness. 🤗🤗🤗