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Self control

FOCUS WEDNESDAY Your Attitude reflects who you are,it defines you in all areas of your life your Attitude builds a place where you meet with yourself. Your Attitude is what commands your life, it is nobody’s job to give you the attitude you carry. Know that your happiness and peace comes to you with the Attitude you carry, positive or negative. Still on my “Attitude is everything” sessions I need you to understand your attitude towards life is what keeps you going for the best or the worse. It is very difficult to find yourself without self control, self control is one of THE most important part of your life and should be taken seriously, not just as a one time thing but for your daily dose to make decisions about everything. When you are ready to adjust your attitude, you are ready to change the game in your life for sure. #2 ATTITUDE OF SELF CONTROL — Self control is you having the ability to regulate your thoughts and behaviour even emotions when there is an outburst in your life. How you control your life is your reality, if you cannot control yourself you will always be limited in the things you do. You are in that place where you alone is responsible for what you dish out to others, what is interesting is when you can control your impulse you will not always burn down everything that angers you. You definitely will know when to walk away when facing temptations. I must be honest with you, it is not easy to handle our attitude, it is something you need to open a pathway you managing yourself. You need to discover how important it is be able to control anger, hurts, and fears, but you need to process yourself and deal with the issue what you need is the willpower to change what you need to change. Change hurts, I know first hand what it takes to control yourself and enjoying the very best. I encourage you to control your thoughts, how you spend above your means, control how your treat others, reconstruct your thinking to better your behaviour. If you have self control you will be able to understand your environment better, interpret your story better, control every aspect of your life to make better choices.

Your fame

Some of you have risen to a great level of success and exposure that you feel ashame of where you are coming from.
You forget the people that helped shapen your lives, you try so hard to claim a different environment and cultural heritage that now suits your status and find no use for their family members. There are cases where you find your parents not educated or sophisticated enough to fit in what they you have achieved.
Do not try to end every relationship you had due to your newly found success. You deliberately distance yourself from everything connecting you with the people you learnt your development from.

I want you to know that it is easy to accept your new environment and achievements , but what makes you feel so highly of yourself now is lack of confidence, low self esteem, you always want to prove yourself to the world. Do not get me wrong, we all love to be recognised, but you succeeding and looking down on everyone else is a dangerous way to climb. There are always shifting times in our lives, storm comes to everyone, do not switch off people who had great impact in your life.

The most important place you have in your life is where you are coming from, the good and the bad. Let go of those those things that broke you, change yourself to get it right, but if you do not get it right with those people who love you you won’t get it right with society.
I have watched people who thought they have shifted to the highest level in life, but regret later for all the genuine love they have lost.
Use your influence to shape the lives of those who saw you through your struggles, you need to be careful, those who force their way into your life now never saw you grow, they never saw you cry or broken what they see now is the new you.
Make a difference by staying humble, at the end of your journey the people you put at the lowest will be the once your body goes to.


My journey

I had a very long journey today, the roads were not too good so a journey of about 4hrs took 7hrs.
Driving through the potholes and facing head on with heavy duty trucks you may want to actually give up on travelling.

Well I can’t stop travelling because of what I do, I always want to see things for myself. Looking at my journey today gave me a closer look at our life struggles and challenges, our roads are not always smooth ,:; just like the potholes we get to the middle of our circumstances when we want to stop.

Have you noticed that the zeal to start is always very high but when you get to the middle that push stops, why? 🤔this is what happens when you are on the road, the distance seems longer than usual. Today while i stopped to take a break i saw a lot of people stretching their legs, some even did quick yoga before getting back to their buses. As tired as they looked they can’t take a bus back to where they are coming from just like me, i got back to my car not to return but to continue.

As I got closer to my distinction my face brightened up, i was excited about meeting up with my appointment, having a warm bath and eating good food. This is you and your challenge, what feels like your end is often the beginning, quitting is not an option:” when you want to quit think of why you started in the first place just like your journey through bummy roads.

Now I am relaxed, wow! got to my hotel room had my first meeting waiting on for the next one. There is something very interesting I want to say,i was not thinking about the road anymore I am very much focused on my meetings. Again as we confront our challenges we forget the obstacles, joy comes into our life, listen to me you will be fine only if you keep moving, press on and look at the bigger picture.
Focus your attention on your vision, nothing last forever not even your challenges.



Teachable Attitude

Your Attitude is everything, when I say everything i mean everything. I am going to walk you through this Attitude series with me, Changing your life and getting something amazing out of your life determines you having the right Attitude in all areas of your life. What will produce your success story is your Attitude through your rugged road, mentally, physically and emotionally. Today on focus I want you to change your world with a teachable attitude. #1 TEACHABLE ATTITUDE — one of the greatest problem that affects most of us is we act like we know everything, no matter how much you think you know you will aquire more when you discover new stuff, you having a teachable attitude will increase your knowledge to grow. I do not care your personality there is something that is always going to be new to you, stop acting like you know it all; have that hunger to listen and be ready to admit your mistakes. You will never be the same again when you are empowered with new ideas, your talent also needs new ideas and information. Self effort is wonderful, but you cannot grow on that alone, there is high expectations in any industry you are. You can learn to be teachable there is nothing to be ashamed of, :; To be successful and enjoy happiness depends on how much you are ready to learn, you need to have a good level of awareness to keep you updated. Learn to accept that other people’s opinion might be better than yours, be available to find answers, you cannot figure out everything, i for one am still working on myself and am not ashamed about it, i am still learning from the best in their field and how they got to be the best. You have to practice none stop because there is always something to learn daily. Am very confident in changing my routine because works requires commitment, Do not quit learning have that teachable attitude to develop your mindset, there is always someone teaching you, success is pursued with sweat and efforts and in all learning. Be willing to learn something new you can only do that when you have a teachable attitude. I am very consistent, but my greatest push is learning to have a different impact on me. °••••••°°°●

Support yourself

Have you noticed this, it is very difficult for families and friends to support you when you are about to start up something new, or even start a change in your life. They will always overlook your potential, Today on focus I want to encourage you to hold on and guard your dreams.

#1 SUPPORT YOURSELF — I love this topic because it’s something i have experienced first hand, most times when we open up to tell friends and family members about our plans the comments are mostly negative, even their reactions, they look at you from the their own perpective of you. Most of them look at your personality from your background or mistakes you have made in the past.
Do not forget your own creativity, people can’t stand to see you change for the best so sometimes it is difficult for them to encourage you. Jealousy is another major factor why some people try to get in your way, many of them want you to fail, they want to say “I TOLD YOU SO “Yes, don’t let that stop you from leading your own path.
I see my friends support other people more, do not worry about this, they will always come around when you succeed. I know it is not easy to ignore negative comments and reactions, everybody likes to be encouraged, people feel good about themselves when they get encouraged. On a serious level it takes practice to hold on without getting distracted, i need you to support and MUST believe in yourself.
Fear is normal, I get cold feet but it does not control me. Know that this is all about you and your Future, run wide with your visions and ideas.
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