We are all going through difficult situations in our lives, I don’t care about your personality no matter how experienced or powerful you are there is something you are struggling with. Quite frankly that is where our disappointments comes from, we always assume that there are some certain people without struggles or any form of difficulties in their lives. Most people make a withdrawal when they see no benfits in their fight to getting to the top. But I want to remind you there is always something in life that will leave us in shock along the way, disappointments can come from anyone and anywhere,your husband or wife after 50 years can disappoint you, your children can disappoint you and leave you in shock, parents, teachers our environment, churches and even pastors will place you in that moment of shock.

We are not untouchables when it comes to facing disappointments, the best way to move pass it is holding on knowing that nothing in life is sure, Stop moving around in circles trying to get a perfect environment where there are no disappointments just peace, there is really no place like that on earth, the ability to quickly come out of a negative situation is being focused and continue to be determined.life has handed everyone something somewhere along our journey to finding that greatness so you don’t have to stop. Complaining continuous about every situation will only make you remain in that condition.the best way to leave pass your disappointments is actually getting right back up and starting over from where life left you.

Understand that no one is perfect, everyone is fighting for something. So it is time you programme your mindset to understanding that everybody is fighting for the same thing but have different circumstances surrounding them. Change your Attitude , change your thinking from rating people too highly.give that high standard to God alone not man. When you place high values on man you find it difficult to start again. You don’t have to put your life on hold because you where disappointed, come out of regrets stop hidding in the box because you think life got the best out of your situation.

Learn to take responsibilities for your actions, Alot of people find it difficult to acknowledge their actions or mistakes.this will always leave you in a terrible conflict of resolving matters, you can only move on quickly when you accepted your Mistakes and correct them immediately.taking responsibility for your actions will determine your success in future years, stop beating yourself to hard about it. Be the one who makes the difference

Instead of looking for attention give your life a purpose, even life demands that from you. Do something new with your life, put yourself together don’t give your life to someone else to handle for you. Don’t allow someone else use your life better than  you, you are not an object. Make a great shift in your life today. Disappointments will always come but add it as an experience in your life story.

Life is possible 🤗🤗🤗

You are qualified

The biggest problems we have Is a lot of times some of us have being told we are not worth nothing good. When you are constantly told hurtful words it affects your personality, we encounter rejection that conquers us. No matter how experienced you are in your profession hurtful words will bring you down to the ground, it will reduce your self esteem, confidence. So when you are about to start something new fear comes in, self pity, and bitterness all at once reminding you how unqualified you are. Then you become all defensive about life and everything. Today I don’t want you to rob yourself with those words, restore yourself today .our loved ones have are not free from the condemnations we here, they don’t stop telling us we are not good enough, now the inner voice inside you is speaking, telling you why you are not qualified for that job. No one is best at everything, today identify with what you are good at. Accept yourself first before others believe in you. Be courageous and strong, tell yourself the truth, you are qualified to do anything and everything. Do not be afraid to change, today I need you to come out and expose yourself to the world. Stop being to comfortable with little ideas, know you have the qualification to win again, come back to your season. Go deeper than what you have being told; Please don’t give up on your dreams because you think you are not qualified. I need you to see beyond those hurtful words, see where you are going and tell yourself i may not be qualified for that position but I’m good enough. Today I want you to replace fear with faith and be your own best friend that is the only way you can win. Tell yourself you are very qualified. If you don’t value yourself,you will never be happy. You are qualified to be great. 🤗🤗🤗



Scarfice is not just about working hard to get something but the ability to give unconditionally to others, that’s my definition though. Scarfice comes in different ways, I want to talk about scarfice we give to others especially our children, children are the precious gifts from God to us, we can’t deny that. How much scarfice have you given to your children, sometimes we feel we are not giving them enough, we do so much and it seems little. People think when they are going through difficult they should walk away from their children and come back later when things get better, well I don’t agree to that. You can not run away from your shadow, that’s exactly how our children are to us, at the end of the day you will answer to them. The world is falling away from the values of life, the world is drifting away from real family love and values of the children. Taking care of your children is the best scarfice you can give, giving so much love to your animals doesn’t compare to having to raise your children. You give up so much to scarfice for your children, you give up good sleep, good clothes to make the best out of your children. When you shy away from this responsibility of your children you are being self centred.

There are no perfect children,we all want our children to be the best in every way, when they fall short do not run away from them, children are like plants you don’t feed them with dirty, you water it to enable it bloom. It’s time to get it started with our children, make that scarfice, don’t forget we are building a nation when we get and make good scarfice to the children. You as a parent abuse your children you abuse yourself, the pains you feel when you are struggling with a situation is the same pains the children feel,they know everything, when your marriage is loosing it’s grace don’t put it on the children, don’t let them suffer for your failures. The road to having and raising beautiful children doesn’t come with money alone, it comes from scarficing everything.

When you show so much love to your children today you help their mental health and grow up their self esteem, it is never too much to say I love your children. I know some parents where not treated rightlygrowing up but you can use that as an excuse to punish your children. It won’t be just to punish our children for failures, instead of drifting away from your kids bond with them more, bonding brings good communication between you and your kids and prevent them from fighting loneliness ,I have seen some parents leave their kids  come back later when things get better , but it’s never the same, you come fight for the love you never gave in the first place.  Make that scarfice for them now, I know how clean your house and life will be without children messing up the environment, but when you have children you let all that go away for the benefits of the children.   You alone can build up your kids self worth, confidence and smart, you wounder why the world is full of haters today go back and look at their family background and you will understand ,I love you is never too much to tell your kids. It’s not an easy task being a parent, it shouldn’t stop us from trying to achieve that great goal for the children. Encourage your children by starting with them, the idea of you walking out on them shouldn’tbe an opinion.

I know children are happier with both parents, but that love can still be given as a single parent, it’s so difficult thinking about your situation and  raising the kids alone, that’s the scarfice. Trust me single parents raise good children, I’m a single parent, I tell myself all the time I’m doing a good job. I don’t let the overload get to me, if you allow it get to you emotionally, it will affect your children, trust me we don’t want that. Be the best mum or dad, give in all you have. Remember you are playing the part of two. Also allow your children know how much you are scarficing for them. They’re smart they will always understand if you do it with love instead of frustration.teach your children to have their own voice  there is always a reward for good parenting. 🤗🤗🤗


I have seen a lot of people talk about so many things and they never get it done. They have so much plan on there head but find it difficult to realise it in reality. Laziness comes with procrastinating. We all have that laziness inside of us that tends to drag us backwards, but I must tell you something important procrastination is a disease all it does is eat your dreams up and leaves you wishing. How long are you going to sit down there and just keep taking without getting it done. Even in our daily lives some people procrastinate to everything, they make up there minds on the simplest of things but never get it done.   I think it is time to start doing and stop talking. People build mansions in their heads, make plans for greater things bringing it to light is the big problem. Sometimes it looks too big for us to handle, and the ifs starts coming in to play. Start it already, it will get done only if you start it now not tomorrow, I know how long it took me to get myself together with my write ups, I did a lot of bits, and always felt they were not good enough. Every word I wrote never really made good sense to me, but when I go back to read them I wonder how I got them together. When I start writing I never want to stop, I always wanted to be a professional writer and a speaker but I was to scared to even practice. You know how you love to wear those shoes with heels, you do it right but only in your imaginations , you see it on TV shows and just conclude by saying those are not for me though.

Procrastination does not have to be about starting that muti billion dollars company, I know that is where your mind went, it is that gym you have being trying to start all these months, that lovely dish you crave to eat, that trip you and your partner want to make but too lazy to even start making the plans. You love travelling but you just do not have the time to plan for a relaxing break. I know how tiring it can be sometimes especially maybe you have kids, and they come in and give you a very different plan.now is the time to fix them into your plan, that is just an excuse to get away from doing that one thing. Excuses everytime, you have to go for a consins wedding and you start talking about it, but you will never attend. , it is too far, she is not really a nice person, I never liked him /her  , their families are not friendly , so many excuses just for one wedding that is months away. Then you complain about everything and anything.  It is time to move pass that phase, plan your journey now, make ammendments and start enjoying your life. Don’t let procrastination rein your coming season, some of us have very boring lives we just complain about anything, you have it inside of you, Recognising that you have been doing one same thing for such a long period of time will help you get over it, you put up the baking items, and just assume the cake will bake itself, it takes a process to get a beautiful cake ready that is what happens to us in reality. I link  procrastination to negativity honestly, you are always procrastinating , you are just so negative about everything what is the difference; I don’t see any difference between the two. People will never take you seriously if you are not committed to providing something as simple keeping to time.I know we sometimes have the fear of the unknown, and it is a very big distraction to our thoughts. Just do it now, I ran into a good friend and she told me she was going to start a beauty salon, in fact she told me her plans , I was so happy for her, she talked about having a section just for little girls, I gave some few advice of my own, it was a beautiful idea. Two years on she was still talking about the programme and calls me from time to time for advice on the saloon. I thought the beauty saloon existed until I called her one day to ask her where the saloon was located, I was shocked and surprised when she said, I am still looking out for a pink building, it sounds so funny but this was her excuse honestly. After so many excuses, she said I don’t want the beauty saloon any more, I want to go into catering and accessories of kitchen items. This is exactly how you get distracted from what you really want.

It happens to us but we need the will to live guided by a sound mind, I say it now and always stop taking and start doing, out leave  that boring life of yours, you know we constantly listen to what people are saying, we are controlled by our environment, and forget that what we feed to the mind is what it lives on, it is in you that strength, you never know until you start; I’m still putting my pieces together, but I know it comes out beautiful anytime am done. I get criticism all the time; I get jealous too of better writers, but I just learn from my mistakes and use them as corrections .we can be better, nothing good comes  from comfort zones, for it to last it has to be worked for. Bring out those pieces and start putting them together, you know how scattered a child’s toy is sometimes it gets  frustrated you want to throw them into the dustbin, that is exactly how our lives are, you alone need to put that piece together.Try and make your decisions more  immediate and effective, map out your plans, tick the actions you have done , I know  most times when we delay too much on our ideas we end up even hating it when we get it done. Instead of placing importance to unimportant jobs start with replacement of the very necessary jobs, do you know some people try to play with their phones even on important meetings, conferences or in a very serious conversations. Stay positive, do not be scared of failing when you have not even started. Try thinking of the benefits of being active,relax your mind, be motivated you can do it. 🤗🤗🤗


We complain about people in our lives,we expect so much from them, that is why we end up being disappointed when they fail us. Remember people come in different characters, when we learn to accept the faults of others living with them becomes easier . we all have our own standards at the same time we have our limitations, some people do not see their own faults, it is very easy to judge others for their bad attitude and give excuses when is us doing that same thing. I laugh when some people say I am so nice with others but they never treat me the same way, yes that is how perfect you are in your head until you bring it out to reality. It is difficult to be around some people with their attitude though, but we should always remember that Having people in your life is like putting things in the basket, they will always come and go but the right ones will always stay . when people leave your life allow them, you really do not impose people in your life, I don’t belive in having a bunch of crowd around me, I love the little circles that will bring meaningful directions to your life.
Always move with those that will encourage you when you fail, those that when they cry with you it is for the right reasons. Some people just wait for that sad moments in your life. People will come with different purposes, that is the school of life. Everyone in our lives has a purpose no one is worthless, the mad man that shakes his waist in a party without an invitation will end up bringing laughter to those who never wanted to smile in that occasion. I have seen some uncles everyone dislikes in the family being so useful when those with the right minds are not available. Do not burn all bridges, you never know exactly how God will use that one person to bring light to a situation. , Keep people in your life who truly love you, motivate you, and make you happy. You do not need anything less, those who live just to remind you of where you are coming from,it is time to let them go. It is time to move forward, the fastest way to fall is to to be with negative people you do not need that setbacks. 🤗🤗🤗

Self esteem

As a little girl I was in every play in my nursery and primary school, I gave myself the name I wanted because my teachers couldn’t pronounce my name, I was a very confident and happy child, I loved everyone especially my friends. But I lost my self confidence, I couldn’t talk when my friends where talking,, I was never afraid to try new things, I was full of promise and didn’t care what I tried that failed, but I lost my self esteem, so badly that I was depressed. I went to church but trust me you can dress well and hide how you really feel . all I did was just lived everyday, there’s something about living, you can be alive everyday but dead in the spirit. I had everything in the physical eyes but that is not what living is, living in the right environment is more profitable than money. Don’t lie to yourself, don’t lie to your situation, God knows the desires of your heart, God knows what you don’t have the courage to tell anyone :you need to know that your tomorrow starts with how you handle your today. I don’t know what you are going through right now, but I know something, it will pass. You can’t get over everything on your own, ;everyone has a story, your story is not the first and definitely won’t be the last. Stop hiding in your circumstance, stop saying this is how it is. Some of you have suffered setbacks, lost all you had, sometimes the more efforts you put in you loose more, you have tried different approach but nothing seems to work, it’s time to get up . nothing has the right to bring you down, get yourself together again, stop being upset when people reject you; there’s a reason, people will never understand what you are going through but you. It is time to call on the king of kings, call on the one that restores brokenness, don’t lie to yourself open up that sadness, don’t fool anyone. Allow God take the wheels, tell God the truth because he knows. Sometimes I look at myself and say this is the real me, the little girl that is full of life, I may not have everything but I have life, I’m living in Grace, my confidence is back ,stop hidding in that place. Live in happiness don’t die in shame and salary when you can live a fulfilled life. Don’t look up to man they will fail you, trust in God,it’s time to get your confidence back let that time be now. God will use what is broken in your life to qualify you. 🤗🤗🤗