Trusting my process

When I talk about my process i smile because i believe in something that is not seen with the physical eyes. Walking in a pathway to self freedom is my process,looking deep inwardly and having the ability to work effectively with the physical. It is a lot, Especially making the biggest decisions of your life. Looking forward opening up every part of me to achieve greater value in what I believe. You know coming from a place where what is believed depends on cultural values and beliefs it’s really hard I must say, so first you need to believe completely in yourself. We are not taught to believe hundred percent in ourselves, rather we are taught to just struggle. Struggle in school struggle in your love life as well as your marriage,so finding your inner self has to come from you changing your mindset from the only belief you know.

Waiting for change to come will never happen, what happens is you taking charge and making that change. It is a known fact to pray and believe when you are struggling with abuse, isolation, mental health issues, depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness and low self esteem. So who do you speak to when you need to heal? No one, just pray your way out! Remember overcoming insecurities needs a lot of inward power. Your process is your shift, your openness to a new perspective,i made that shift. When i made a connection with my inner self i began to unlock all my hidden potentials, it didn’t happen overnight but it gave me more faith in my process. When I made that shift I was able to pray with a better connection and spirituality.

My process is my new beginning, understanding my boundaries, understanding my inner voice, giving myself a voice; a voice to change my language. Trusting my process means changing what I say to myself remember this pathway is a journey of trusting the unknown, believing something strong enough to keep you in a platform of openness to your wholeness. Giving your all to your innerself. What is my voice, my voice is knowing who I am. Identifying myself without talking about material objects or work, defining myself with my weakness and strength my imperfections, my scars and my experiences. No apologies for what I believe, my voice is rising inside and changing my outward look. It is not seen but felt. I am like a shooting star you see it when you keep looking up.what is going to guide me is my positivity and faith.

My process is here , it is now, through it I am living in the moment. Letting go of self doubt, trusting my process is having self control, only self control will lead me to my choices and self confidence;fixing my eyes on what is important, remember where it all started from. I want to enjoy what is and be bold enough to face the unknown without overthinking it. Me living in the moment is me taking responsibility of myself and my actions, thriving to getting my own wonders. I am not chasing after approval, i am accepting my whole being ,my place,this is where i want to be, there will be mountains to climb but that is life every day can not be the same.

I do not want to make my process boring. I will have to enjoy every day by putting on a smile, the beauty of this smile is not fake:it is a sign of the challenges i do not allow have a hold on me. Remember i am a new creation now , perfect is what is boring, doing the same thing, touching your old wound, holding on to the past, that is boring. Me writing out and understanding everything I am going through is for a better me. Happiness is a Choice, i heard those words too many times without really understanding it ,until i started trusting my process.

Whatever did not work out in my life i am so grateful for now, i wish you can see me smiling now. When we beat up ourselves over things that didn’t work is because we don’t understand the process. I was going somewhere recently with my kids, i am in a new environment so i am having a hard time getting the directions right since i haven’t started driving we had to take the bus, something we are not used to. We were at the bus stop waiting for the bus, it was very unusual since we stood there for over thirty minutes, i saw a security guard i took my kids and we ran to him asking for directions. My daughter screamed mummy the bu!, oh my; i saw the bus we were waiting for;,I told the security guard I’m Sorry but I have to go. We turned again running towards the bus, before we got there the bus left. I stood looking at my kids who were so tired and hungry, i went back to the security guard. Finally he looked at my phone and said ‘ma’m but that bus is a traveling bus, it’s going outside the city the bus you need is just over there. I looked at my kids and said I am so Sorry, yes we wasted time waiting for the wrong bus, but going to ask for directions gave us a better direction. That is what happens to us in life, not all storm are met for bad, some storms comes to our lives to give us better view of where we are going.

I am unlocking something bigger than me. It looks blurry but I trust it to have a better vision. I have learned patience and the power of gratitude,be thankful for every single day. I look at my life knowing what I have survived makes me feel so determined to keep trusting my process, Live every day as it comes, the rest will take care of themselves. ☺❤🧚‍♀️


Author: freedomispeaceblog

I am a Single mum, self mentorship, goal gitter, fighter , Inspire, not hidding from myself. ...

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