Have you realized, that sometimes not everything you want will be yours.
Have you realized that when you worry so much about something you truly suffer twice.
Have you realized,that when you don’t let go it becomes a heavy burden.
Have you realized, that your negative attitude only takes away your positive energy.
Have you realized, that there is always a lesson when you lose.
Have you realized, that no matter how heavy the storm is ,it passes.
Have you realized, when you look closely there are little miracles everywhere.
Have you realized, sometimes you create your own problems by complicating little things.
Have you realized, sometimes you spend too much time judging others instead of understanding them.
Have you realized, sometimes it is easier to make your circle small ;so you can see those who are happy for your happiness.
Have you realized,the best gift you can give is a smile.
Have you realized,instead of quitting is better to unplug and recharge yourself.
Without pains life has no depth.



Author: freedomispeaceblog

I am a Single mum, self mentorship, goal gitter, fighter , Inspire, not hidding from myself. ...

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